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The OK ROOFING  is the primary reason for the residents of Brooklyn, Queen, Manhattan, long island and New York City to afford some smile. Through the OK organization, roof construction can now be efficient at a fair cost and an excellent finishing. The probabilities of this benefit rely on the assurance that the following points bring as a guarantee:

First, the services offered by the company is fully licensed and insured by the General Contractor. Consequently, this enables us to provide brick pointing, brickwork, and exterior maintenance. Alongside these, we also offer wall waterproofing, brick wall repair, roof coating, new roof, paving stone, roof replacement waterproofing, new construction and concrete work.

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The Safety of our staff comes first above all our norms. As a result, the workers are fully equipped with the appropriate safety gears, wears, and equipment to produce an enhanced result in any work environment. Our staff also enjoys the merits of being highly qualified within their respective areas of specialization. As a result, the outcomes of the services we offer incline positively and steadily as we work throughout the years.

Our outstanding twenty years of service and performance in the construction industry has enabled us to get certified by among others, Minority Women Business-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE). In performance journey, positivity as a philosophy has enhanced our service and performance as we take one step at a time and one move after the other. Creating major opportunities and milestones have also paid off as one of the best New York roofing contractor. The solidarity and teamwork that exists in our organization within New York and other cities branches have also rewarded us



Clients should have all the reasons to seek our services without financial fear. In any project, we undertake, our cost estimates are far reasonable since we always try to beat any written estimate. For our empire to grow, working towards the satisfaction of our client is our priority since the feedback they give acts as our point of reference. Our price is, therefore, affordable and the best any residential roofing contractor can offer you.

Any individual with the aim of reviewing our initial projects are also free to go ahead. However, if a client calls our service providers, then the organization will take the opportunity of making the necessary arrangements required for the customer to view the work. The service providers are also available in online networks like Yelp, Google and Yellow Pages. All these platforms provide the best customer care services for our clients as well.




Every client we serve has a guarantee of a hundred percent satisfaction. All is possible with OK residential roofing contractor since we aim to exceed the expectations of every customer through our outstanding client service, greater value, and increased flexibility. The services we provide have an aim of satisfying developers, management, and owners for over two decades, and we still intend to continue on our path of excellence even in the future.

Conclusively, we want to encourage out targeted clients inclusive of residential building and private houses owners to liars with our organization’s service providers to reap from our outstanding services. Best results get obtained through efficiency and reliability, and indeed, OK Construction Company has applied the two virtues to ride through the path of excellence. The long-term benefits that we hope to achieve can only get realized through the service we provide.







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