A roof is constantly exposed to extreme weather conditions such as hail. For poorly waterproofed buildings, this may lead to development of patches on the ceiling thus causing leakages. We offer solutions to these problems by using recommended options such as Dr. Fixit and conventional methods such mud phuska or the brickbat coba.

We are highly skilled roofing contractors with solutions to most roofing problems. We cover both commercial and residential platforms. Over the years, we have developed respect to quality roofing and that is why our services have been sought by many. As a way of addressing your needs, we employ use of modern technology and customer sensitive approach. Our goal is to achieve the best in nailing customer’s satisfaction.

Our roofing companies houses all the premium elastomeric coatings which renew worn out surfaces, block moisture and better still save energy. Our ranges of products are suitable for many surfaces such as tar, wood, Metal, rubber and rolled roofing. Our team will analyze the levels of damage and apply correct amounts of the roof seal. Our products are VOC free and environmentally.

Our staff is trained to tackle the work at customer's convenience.


Our extensive roofing experience and efficiency knowledge, and specially trained and certified crew,
you can be certain that every last dollar of your roofing money is well spent!

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